About Us

上海省快三遗漏一定牛the university of suffolk is a transformational university, absorbing the best of uk university traditions and aligning them with a twenty first century audience and a modern world of employment and entrepreneurship. we are a distinctive, thriving academic community which makes a clear and immediate impact. our purpose is to change lives – of individuals and communities - for the better.

in a world where nothing ever stays the same, we all need to change, evolve, succeed and change again. that’s what we do. be bold and do the same. together we’ll achieve more.


Our university

上海省快三遗漏一定牛we are strongly embedded in our local region, and our unique and integrated partnership with local colleges is central to our identity. 


Our vision

the university of suffolk is a cohesive, self-critical and student-centred academic community.


Our history

we are one of the newest uk universities; that means we don't just rely on our heritage but we focus on making history.

Our people (4)


上海省快三遗漏一定牛at the university of suffolk, we are proud of our culture where there are close working relationships between different groups of staff and between staff and students. we are inclusive; valuing the contribution of every member of the institution from current staff and students, to our visiting professors and honorary graduates. 

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上海省快三遗漏一定牛we are an agile, responsive university, custom built for a changing world. 


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