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上海省快三遗漏一定牛at the university of suffolk you will become part of our global network and your journey will be both exciting and challenging. our network is reaching out into communities across the globe to make education accessible to students from around the world. you will benefit from our relationships, collaborations and partnerships with people, organisations and communities both in the uk and internationally, helping you build the skills you need for your future career. we have a range of interesting opportunities and different environments for you to explore – together we will create opportunities for learning and for life.

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Meet our international staff, students and alumni

上海省快三遗漏一定牛 mike joined the university of suffolk in august 2018 as ‘international & eu recruitment manager’ for the external relations directorate. ...

上海省快三遗漏一定牛 kevin joined the international team in january 2018 having previously worked within international admissions at the university of essex. duties within his role as international officer include representing the university of suffolk at education fairs, developing and maintaining rela...

some of you may have been in contact with jemma to arrange your study abroad in ipswich. jemma is looking forward to meeting you in person and welcoming you to the university of suffolk. ...

上海省快三遗漏一定牛 when the time came for me to apply to universities i decided to look into studying in the united kingdom. the application process was fairly simple mainly because i enlisted the help of a romania-based organisation which helps people that are willing to study in the uk by providing ...

上海省快三遗漏一定牛 i came back to studying after a very long gap at 33 years old. where i was born in romania, it was quite a harsh life and i never had the opportunity to study. i’ve moved 17 times living in three different countries, and my family and friends are in italy now and i miss them a lot...

上海省快三遗漏一定牛 i chose to study the mba at the university of suffolk after an agent in indonesia recommended it to me  as an ideal qualification to develop my knowledge of strategic management. i found it to be an amazing experience as it gave me the opportunity to work with other people from a v...

i came here from indonesia to study psychology and early childhood studies. it really interests me, especially the education side of it. i’ve seen a lot of poverty where i come from and i feel like if we could help people with things like education, it would be really good for the...

it is easy to dream and make plans in life however when wanting to materialise it, not many are willing to make that sacrifice. taking this step in my life was not the easiest. sadly, not everything in life goes as planned. when situation and circumstances change, you are left with ...

上海省快三遗漏一定牛 i am currently studying regenerative medicine and i decided to embark on this course as i have had an interest in genetic engineering since college. when i first started searching for universities that offer masters for regenerative medicine, i realised there were not many universit...

上海省快三遗漏一定牛 i grew up in the philippines, which was a wonderful experience, but i found myself at 17 with no goals, poor grades, and what felt like bleak prospects ahead of me. i then bucked my ideas up and forced myself to work as hard as i could for my last year of high school, where i recogn...

as i was about to take the biggest step of my life, i was looking for a university that, in addition to offering a suitable career, could make me feel welcome, significant and not so lost. the university of suffolk exceeded my expectations.  ...