Our Vision

上海省快三遗漏一定牛the university of suffolk is a cohesive, self-critical and student-centred academic community. our vision over the next five years is to develop a broader base, be of higher academic standing, with a larger student population drawing from the region, nationally and internationally.  the university will be underpinned by an embedded scholarly base, with nationally and internationally recognised research in targeted areas.  our role as a community impact university will be having a clear, measurable and positive impact on the economic, cultural and educational lives of the communities we serve.


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providing the over-arching strategic direction, as well as charting our progress towards being established as a successful higher education institution.


Our students

students are at the centre of our mission and ethos. we are proud of our tradition of attracting a diverse student body and producing high-quality graduates.


Our people (4)

the commitment our staff demonstrate to our students, and to each other, in delivering the mission of the university of suffolk is a source of enormous pride.


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University of Suffolk Strategy for Business Engagement


Learning and teaching

上海省快三遗漏一定牛university of suffolk courses are characterised by their innovative and leading-edge approaches to learning and teaching.


Research and Enterprise (2)

learning and teaching at the university of suffolk is underpinned by professional and practice-based research and scholarship.



the international dimension is essential to the growth and relevance of the university of suffolk


Widing Participation

上海省快三遗漏一定牛the university of suffolk is committed to supporting and encouraging students in aspiring to higher education.


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the university of suffolk has, at the heart of its mission, a responsibility to be a model for a new type of civic university.